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Торренты: 289
Год производства: 2014
Жанр: Зоо порно, Собака, Dog
Продолжительность: 00:15:38

В ролях: Cupcake

Ah, as difficult this biz is, I remember those divine Pet Ladies, and everything makes sense.
Doggy-heartthrob Cupcake is quite something. You all know Cupcake – if you don't, where have you been? :) Cupster is gorgeous by anyone’s standards. And, that her beauty is reserved (mostly) for her kindred canine spirits – only serves to make the young Lady all the more alluring.
Cupcake has been loving doggies since childhood. She has felt the cool sting of canine intercourse, the lusty embrace of a dog. The stab that seems to go right to the heart. The sensation of her body doing its work, as furry lovers find relief inside her. In short, Cupcake ain't new to this. Mr Toes' lucky star was shining, the day this Lady came to rescue him from the shelter. Although Cupster may occasionally play with other pets, Toes is her beloved. And like any couple in love, the couple make love with a passion that is intense and irrepressible.
Tonight, is Date Night. Romance and perfume pervade the room. The Lady, has dressed sexily for her lover. Cupcake aches to feel hard dog love. And Cupcake being Cupcake, the Lady gets what she desires. More than desire - what she needs. Toes, is always ready to love his Lady.
Our heroine lifts her dress, parts her long smooth legs, to let Toes know tonight is the night. Tonight, he will take her. Tonight, she will feel his thrusts, feel his sperm splashing deep inside her. Young love, so very vibrant.
Cupcake, is moist and ready for Toes. The Lady presents her sweet, tight flower for his pleasure. Toes mounts, and the pair become one. His angry cock penetrates her soft honey flesh, and is soothed inside the Cupcake. He feels each ripple of her sex as she squeezes down on his invading dog cock. She feels each thrust, each twitch as he steadily pumps his seed where it belongs. Toes is quite vigorous with the Lady, he means to breed her utterly. Cupcake is no stranger to the way of the wolf – she has dedicated herself to him. And if he is a little rough, that is the price she must pay to be his Lady. We can't always choose who we love.
Toes mounts, and mounts again. His bony tool drives inside the Lady, filling her pussy with rottweiler cock, and rottweiler sperm. Toes is very enthusiastic – as enthusiastic as I expect anyone would be in his shoes. Cupcake finally holds Toes swollen cock – his rather BIG swollen cock – inside her slick flower. Toes has plenty of seed left to give, and Cupcake wants as much as possible inside her.
The pair un-couple – Cupcake has been bred nicely, and his sperm set off in search of an ovum. But Toes is still hard, and still spraying. Cupcake does not like to waste – the Lady slides his big tool, still wet with her juices, between her lips. That nectar, is hers and she is gonna get it. The Lady worships his animal cock, tenderly and affectionately. And, from a bystanders perspective, his big tool looks pretty fucken good between the young Ladys lips. That, folks, is what Date Night is all about.
Cupster had a couple minor tech issues with this production – the focus in a few places is a bit off. But do not let that distract you. Cupcake, is still Cupcake – young, gorgeous, and very very doggy. Toes is Toes – big, rough, well hung, and very in love with Cupcake. The whole thing could be out of focus, it would still be hot as hell ;)
To Cupcake, and to all our Ladies – thank you for sharing these moments with us. Life, would be a much grayer place without you.
You want to sit in on Cupcakes Date Night? You know what to do.
On Date Night, love is in the air. So feel the love, and enjoy the movie.

Качество видео: SATRip
Формат: MP4
Видео: 630x354
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

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Добавлен  23 фев 2014, 11:18

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